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Hyperverse Smart Modules

Explore smart modules and begin building your web3 application.

Introduction to Smart Modules

Smart Modules are a collection of composable smart contracts that you can choose from to begin their journey on the Hyperverse. As long as you are familiar with JavaScript, you can explore and connect Smart Modules to build decentralized apps without having to write a single line of smart contract code.

Explore more smart modules

You can find the most up to date list of smart modules and apps in the Hyperverse Monorepo.


Tribes allows you to build communities that people can join or leave at any time. These tribes can be anything at all like teams, animals, anime characters, hobbies, or interests. Below are the steps you'll need to take to join, leave, or add a tribe to your community.

ERC20 (Token)

ERC20 tokens can be used to pay for products, services or transfer value between people. By creating an ERC20 token, you can support a marketplace, community, or create your own unique use case. The ERC20 smart module allows you to create, transfer, and manage your ERC20 tokens.

ERC721 (NFT)

The ERC721 is an NFT (Non-Fungible Token). This means it's a unique token that cannot be replaced (unlike ERC20). NFTs allow you to create unique pieces of art, music, certificates, or any other item you'd like. The ERC721 smart module allows you to create, transfer, and manage your ERC721 NFTs.


Bring random number generation to your Hyperverse application. The RandomPick smart module uses Chainlink to add randomness to your application. Choose a random winner, roll a dice, or generate a random number using the RandomPick smart module.

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