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EthDenver 2022 Workshop

Get started with the Hyperverse at our ETHDenver 2022 workshop.

Learn how to build Web3 apps at hyperspeed using JavaScript on Metis, Ethereum, and Chainlink.

Today's presenters

Our team

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Workshop Overview

  • Introduction to Decentology & the Hyperverse
  • What we're building
  • Giveaways!
  • Build on the Hyperverse
  • Q/A

Introduction to Decentology

By: Nik Kalyani - Founder/CEO @techbubble

Decentology is the innovative company behind the Hyperverse, the open, composable smart contracts marketplace that makes it easy for developers to discover, build, and monetize Web3 applications. The Hyperverse is the evolution of DappStarter, Decentology's blockchain-agnostic code generation platform for Web2 developers. Founded in 2019 in Mountain View, California, the company employs a global team with a mission to onboard the first 10 million developers to Web3. To deliver on its mission, Decentology partners with some of the leading blockchains in the industry, such as Flow, Algorand, Avalanche, and Conflux.

What is the Hyperverse?

Our mission is to onboard 10 million driven web developers to Web3, by making it familiar and easy for them to build robust blockchain apps without writing a single line of smart contract code. To bring this innovative vision to life, we are building HyperverseDAO for an open but secure, on-chain code marketplace. And, we're doing this with the power of community and Web3 culture. By making Web3 accessible to millions of existing web developers, the Hyperverse is accelerating the growth and adoption of decentralized technologies at scale.

Learn more about us

What we are building

  • Ethereum Tribes: Demo of the Tribes application on Ethereum using the Hyperverse.
  • Metis Tribes Demo of the Tribes application on Metis using the Hyperverse.
  • Random Pick: Randomly pick a Tribe by combining Hyperverse modules and accessing Chainlink.


Blockchain for Developers

Kendyl Key: Software Engineer @kendylcodes

  • What is a blockchain?
  • Public & Private Keys
  • Signing
  • Coins & Tokens
  • Wallets (MetaMask Demo)
  • Relationship between Ethereum (L1) and L2 (Metis, Polygon, etc.)

By: Pavel | Our special giveaways from Metis and the Hyperverse are now open!

Build on the Hyperverse

Shain Dholakiya: Software Engineer @shain_dholakiya

Before getting started

On Ethereum

On Metis

Demo 1: Ethereum Tribes

Clone the Hyperverse Monorepo.

git clone

Change into the Ethereum Tribes directory.

cd hyperverse-mono/apps/ethereum/tribes

Install project dependencies.


Run the development server.

yarn dev

Demo 2: Metis Tribes

Clone the Hyperverse Monorepo.

git clone

Change into the Metis Tribes directory.

cd hyperverse-mono/apps/metis/tribes

Install project dependencies.


Run the development server.

yarn dev

Open the Ethereum Tribes module and select Battle to run the Random Pick Demo

While we wait...

What is a Blockchain Oracle?

Blockchain oracles are entities that connect blockchains to external systems, thereby enabling smart contracts to execute based upon inputs and outputs from the real world.

Essentially an oracle provides a bridge from on chain to off chain data. It enables smart contracts to view data like stock/crypto prices, weather, sporting event scores, and any other real world data. And Chainlink is an oracle that we are using here in this random pick module.

Learn more about Oracles


Join the Community

Our community includes highly motivated and experienced blockchain enthusiasts spread across the world with the sole purpose of making the Hyperverse a reality. Our community is growing fast. We have great blockchain partners in Flow, Metis, and Algorand and we're making new connections every day. Our investors are global, crypto-native and highly supportive. Join our community to get started as an early adoptor of the Hyperverse.