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Build Smart Modules

Step-by-step guides to help you build Hyperverse Smart Modules.

What is a Smart Module?

Smart modules are a pre-build package of code containing smart contracts, unit tests, JavaScript API, and UI harness. As a Web3 developer, you can build these smart modules and enable JavaScript developers to build blockchain applications without writing a single line of smart contract code.



View a list of Hyperverse smart modules here and check out the Hyperverse Monorepo and Smart Module Specifications to start building your own smart modules.

What is a Builderkit?

Hyperverse Builderkits help you build smart modules. It provides the core functionality you need to quickly build, deploy, test, and publish your smart module to the Hyperverse.


Once your smart contract is built, tested, and deployed, you can build a JavaScript API to interact with your smart contract. Navigate to the /source folder to build and edit your JavaScript API.

Available Builderkits

The following Builderkits are available for Web3 developers:

EVM Builderkit

The team is currently working to provide a Builderkit for each Hyperverse blockchain. For questions, comments, and discussions please use our Discord.